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Truth Beauty book

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  • Date: Tue, 07 Apr 2009 21:23:12 -0600
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I said quite a while ago that I would report on the book Truth Beauty, Pictorialism and the Photograph as Art, 1845-1945, and I finally got to look at it today when I cleared off my desk of much work (sounds like Judy's plight). It is a gorgeous collection of photographs--121! From North America, UK, Europe, Japan and Australia. For me the book is a must have, for the images in it and the fact that there is a lot of text in it, unlike many photographic catalogues. In fact there are chapters on pictorialist photography in the Czech lands, in Japan, in Australia, about 20pp on readings in the history of pictorialism, etc. There are artists I have not seen. There are some really neat gum prints. My favorite print in the book is Olive Cotton's Grass at Sundown 1939 (gelatin silver). I am continually amazed by how dark the printing trend was at that time. There is a gorgeous city night scene in there by Stieglitz (photogravure), evocative pictures throughout, a really soft focus one by Imogen Cunningham I have never seen....

The exhibition was coordinated by Alison Nordstrom. Traveling exhibition. I saw the book first at a Borders I think it was so if you are close to a Borders or a Barnes and Noble, browse the book for sure--it is pricey as well--I think $60.

I can't remember the original question about the book, but hopefully I answered it, above...

Christina Z. Anderson