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chromo articles and mitsubishi paper

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  • From: "Christina Z. Anderson" <zphoto@montana.net>
  • Date: Sun, 12 Apr 2009 10:15:15 -0600
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Dear All,
The articles on chromo by both myself and Alan are now on the website at the following URL if you scroll down. I went into the darkroom last night to test his process (tray, more exact) next to my process (loose, brushy) and it was a HOOT. Silvering out immediately on Ilford warmtone paper, glossy.

So if you're looking for some way to put creativity back into the darkroom, here it is. But I would recommend doing one print at a time, because the silver mars easily if it gets touched by another print in the baths.

It is too tempting to do many prints at once because of digital negatives--I print out 5 or 10 and then I can do 5 or 10 different prints at the touch of a button.

OH, I tested Mitsubishi Artist Gloss Heavyweight 13x19 ink jet paper as a digital neg and it is too thin to use in my printer--it buckles when the ink gets put on it, and then develops these terrible scratches with the roller wheels. The 11x17 does just fine, it is that much smaller and buckles less. I tried putting 2 pieces of 13x19 together and that was a bust, too. But since my paper is 11x14 the 11x17 is good enough. I wish Kirkland would make bigger paper. The Mitsubishi is very thin. Can't remember where I bought it from though, but I think Don Bryant was the one who posted the URL. But the Mitsubishi 11x17 does work well for bw diginegs.


Christina Z. Anderson