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RE: Artists' tape

Filmoplast P-90 will definitely not come off cleanly unless you remove it
immediately after putting it on. The adhesive strength increases with time. 
It will come off however if you can wet the tape, as the adhesive is


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Ike wrote:

>The 3M replacement is 3051.  I think its even lower tack than the old
>stuff.  It's hard to find but this place carries it.

Interesting -- several others have mentioned low-tack tapes, 
also.  Perhaps we should discuss what people use artists' tape for, 
and what properties they find valuable (or perhaps I should have said 
what I was after more clearly).  In my case, I don't want a low-tack 
tape (well, I do, but there are several low-tack tapes that work 
fine).  What I'm after is the good old high-tack artists' tape.  The 
old Scotch artists' tape was terrific because although it had high 
tack and the adhesive didn't fail over time, it came off cleanly and 
the adhesive never yellowed paper substrates.  I've never found 
another tape with all of these properties.

I notice Light Impressions has Tyvek tape -- has anyone used it?  How 
about Filmoplast P-90?

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