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Auction of Salt Prints Circa 1848 to 1852

I'm passing this link along to the Alt Process List as a possible item of
interest. I have no association with this organization.


According to the blurb received in an e-mail sent to me today this is the
auction description:

"At 17.00 on 28th of May, the important collection of photographs put
together by the painter Bernardino Montañés during his student days in Rome
between 1848 and 1852 is being auctioned. The auction consists of 86
photographs taken by Giacomo Caneva and Frédéric Flacheron, two of the most
representative photographers of the Café Greco circle in Rome. Among them,
there is the only known portrait of the photographer and painter Giacomo
Caneva that was taken together with the community of Spanish artists living
in Rome and of Mr. Robinson, another of the photographers who belonged to
this circle, along with a large number of views of Rome. 


The value of this important collection of photographs lies in both its
aesthetic and formal content as well as its documental contribution. It has
been the motive of an important itinerant exhibition that visited several
countries and of a publication Recuerdo de Roma (1848 – 1867). Fotografías
de la colección Bernardino Montañés in which the prestigious Italian
historian Piero Bechetti did an introductory text, the inventory and the
cataloguing of the photographs together with the organiser of the exhibition
José Antonio Hernández Latas."

Don Bryant