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Re: Gum over Cyanotypes

I don't think so, I mean for long soak not hot; as long as the temperature
stays below the melting point of gelatin, that shouldn't harm the internal
sizing, no? But that's for the case of gelatin sizing and room
temperature, if the sizing is something else (such as aquapel, starch,
rosin, ...?), I absolutely don't know the consequences...

Hot is another case, and I suspect the same... I remember Christina's (or
was that Katharine's?) example of paper becoming totally uneven (in terms
how it prints and stains) because of too hot shrinking bath.


28 Nisan 2009, Salı, 7:58 pm tarihinde, Paul Viapiano yazmış:
> Does a long soak  or hot soak like that destroy the internal sizing in the
> paper?