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Re: Gum over Cyanotypes

Thanks Christina, keywords are: "same dry point" and "iron" to me...


29 Nisan 2009, Çarşamba, 4:06 pm tarihinde, Christina Z. Anderson yazmış:
> ...
> It is very important with gum to start exposure at the same dry point with
> the paper.  I don't force dry my prints with a hair dryer or whatnot after
> being developed.  I let them hang dry and the only time I use a hair dryer
> is when I finish brushing on all the prints' gum layer in one printing
> session and the first one to expose is not dry enough, I'll whip out a
> hair
> dryer to dry it to the touch and begin the exposing process. By the time
> the
> first is done exposing all the others don't need a hair dryer.
> I shrink only once.  I then size.  But if I am in a rush with no shrunk
> paper I size and then shrink when dry.  This works fine with FAEW.
> Oh, and horror upon horrors, Loris, I actually iron my prints after they
> are
> dry, just before coating the new layer on.  I do not have a dry mount
> press
> but an iron on my kitchen counter does a GREAT job of flattening.  On the
> cotton setting.  Very low tech.
> Funny, I never iron my clothes but I always iron my gums...