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Re: buy my glut!

Good luck with your move, Ryuji—Hope it solves the problem!
On May 1, 2009, at 12:38:36 PM, "Ryuji Suzuki" <rs@silvergrain.org> wrote:

From:"Ryuji Suzuki" <rs@silvergrain.org>
Subject:buy my glut!
Date:May 1, 2009 12:38:36 PM CDT
Due to an unforseen issue beyond my control, I am forced to
relocate Silvergrain R&D darkroom lab immediately. (Don't
worry: this problem is not caused by the financial status of
Silvergrain, but my lease situation is entangled by the
problems of another company.) I'm left with no option other
than to minimize my equipment, document archive, lab sample
solutions, etc., and in fact a lot of things. I'm not the
party at fault but this is causing significant downtime, loss
of income, unmeasurable amount of inconvenience and unexpected

One concern is chemical inventory. At this time I have to
minimize the reagent stock to what is necessary for production
and quality control tests of current Silvergrain products and
research and development of future products. Unfortunately, I
have to do this as quickly and as safely as possible, and in
fact a lot of agents are going to be disposed of.

Among what I need to remove from my chemical inventory, some
are potentially of interest to some of you, and some are
faster to ship than to decompose them to a safe form.

I have some 2.5% glutaraldehyde stock. I can inactivate this
stock and dispose of safely, but if someone wants to buy it
from me, it would work, too. I also have bisepoxide hardener
(a nice nonvolatile hardener. I don't mind selling it at this

I also have silver nitrate and other valuable chemical stock
for sale.

If any of you are Boston local, and seriously interested in
taking some chemical stock, darkroom stuff, etc., and can act
quickly, please contact me asap and include your phone number.
I have a spare Durst enlarger, some spare safelights, two
spare enlarger timers, lots of spare trays, etc. I'm cutting
back to absolute minimum at this time. I also have many
gallons of unopened concentrated stocks of standard b&w
processing chemicals.

My time is taken up by packing stuff and arranging various
services to move, so I may not have the time to respond to all
emails individually, but thank you in advance.


Ryuji Suzuki
"Don't play what's there, play what's not there." (Miles Davis)

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