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Re: Epson R2400 inks density - DISCLAIMER

The absorption spectra of the fundamental colours (Y, M and C) and of the secondary colours (R, G and B) show (with my Epson R2400 printer on Pictorico) that the UVA inks absorption is in no relation with the corresponding visible absorption.
Other findings are:
- the absorption of the secondary colours (R, G, B) is not the sum of the absorption of the primary (Y, M, C) ones like one would assume. This happens with all the wavelengths and as to do with the printer colour management and perhaps with the particular inkset including light M and C.
- the absorption of a colour reduced by 50% (e.g. for Y: 255, 128, 255) is as low as about 15-20%. This is really puzzling to me, and I have no explanation.