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chemicals for sale

Hi all,

Thanks to those who responded to my previous post. Glut is
sold out, bisepoxide is claimed, silver nitrate is partially
sold and partially claimed. Those who contacted me about this,
I've taken your stuff aside, tho I may be a bit behind in
responding to your email...

Here are some other things that may of interest to some:

About 0.88g of pinacryptol yellow (desensitizing dye)

500mg of 3,3'-diethylthiatricarbocyanine iodide (infrared dye)

5g of adenine (one of the agents useful for making tabular
grain silver chloride emulsions)

phthalic anhydride (used to make phthalated gelatin)

inert ossein gelatin (photo grade, about 220-230 bloom,
from Eastman Gelatine, lots of them - ask how much you want)

About 500g of salicylic acid

Triethylene glycol (about 1 liter)

Propylene glycol (about 1 liter)

Triton X-100 surfactant (about 1 liter)

Triethanolamine (lots of them - ask how much you want)

Olefin C14-16 sulfonate, sodium salt, 40% solution (about 3
liters, willing to break) This is a good cheap surfactant and
not bad for the environment.

Diethanolamine (lots of them - ask how much you want)

Phenidone and Dimezone S (ridiculous amount of them - ask how
much you want)

Kremer Primal AC33 (about 240ml) and AC35 (about 150ml) This
is same stuff as Roam and Haas product of the same name.
These are acrylic media with no pigment in them.

These are some of the excess stock and stuff I don't mind
losing at this time.

I don't know how many silver gelatin emulsion makers out
there, but if you are interested in getting some more
specialized items, please let me know... PMT, TAI, HAuCl4
solution for gold sensitization, etc.

I also have too many enlaging lenses and I have some excess
stock in 50mm (old El-Nikkor or old Componon), 75mm (old
Fujinar - 4 elements, but very good), 105mm (have two old
Componons), 135mm (El-Nikkor from 1990s or late 1980s and old

I also have a point source assembly for Durst large format
condenser enlarger heads for sale.

None of the chemicals above are dangerous enough to require
special handling, but still, but I'm willing to do this only
to those who are comfortably practicing alt processes.

AGAIN, I'm not giving up photography or Silvergrain. It's just
that I have to move in a super short period of time and this
is the time to lose some of the excess stock, stuff I don't
want to keep in unrefrigerated commercial storage space, some
volatile stuff, etc...

If any of these stuff is of interest to you, please email me



Ryuji Suzuki
"Don't play what's there, play what's not there." (Miles Davis)