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RE: Question re dpi for scan...

On Thu, 7 May 2009, Don Bryant wrote:


Is your Epson 1160 still working? Seems like that would make a fine printer
for printing inkjet negatives for gum if it's still humming along.

Don, I don't like to jinx it by saying much, because it's right here next to me, listening, but in fact the 1160 is my only working printer at the moment, since my Apple LaserWriter 12/640 got a bug -- It keeps claiming there's no paper in the paper tray, tho it's loaded, and nobody will fix it because it's so "old" -- like maybe 5 years. I'd get a new laser printer, but they won't work with system 9, where my favorite, best, only tolerable word processer is Pagemaker 7, which doesn't have a driver for system 10. (Planned obsolescence may get every one of us, like death.)

On the bright side, the laser printer has a single-sheet feed, and as soon as I get a brain upgrade, I'll change the preferences, tho just thinking about it right now makes me feel faint. (I used to have an expert for things like that, but.... he's disappeared, too.)

Meanwhile, a thousand thanks for the reassurance -- I copied down your specs for inkjet prints & negatives (the 1440 dpi)... and spent this afternoon checking transparency and printer materials on the shelf... It's been a while, but so far I like the looks of just plain paper waxed, tho have several to try.

I may have mentioned that I found a folder of very large (large for me, anyway) waxed-positive inkjet prints... Hunh? What were they about? It bothered me so much, I woke up in the middle of the night and checked P-F #8, and.... there it was: I'd planned to use them to contact to lith film to make negatives for gum.

Now, however, I've had it with lith film... too tetchy to suffer through, even for gum. But I figure I can print out that 70 mb file from Photoshop (and wow, does it adjust contrast like magic-- as lith does not, needless to say) on the 1160. The print I scanned, BTW, was part of my testing for waxing/oiling paper negatives in 2002, and the 7-year old paraffin waxed were VERY streaky -- which didn't show in the scan, I suppose because the material is scanned from underneath, not through the print.

(But this scanner only does up to 11 by 17 inches, so -- uh oh, lith film?)

OK, enough for now... meanwhile, thanks again for the reassurance.