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  • Date: Fri, 08 May 2009 14:28:34 -0500
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The Vancouver Art Gallery seems to have it in stock but I don't know if you 
can order online.



On Fri, 08 May 2009 14:01:37 -0400, BOB KISS wrote
> 	This is getting weird!  I had the Truth Beauty book in my Barnes and
> Noble shopping cart for something around $60.  I just went to order 
> it and it is gone.  When I enter all Chris's info below into B&N 
> search they say "nothing found"!  When I search for it on Amazon 
> they want $539 for it!?!?! 	I had to enter Alison Nordstrom and 
> found it as the last of 18 books but listed as out of stock.  Amazon 
> has it for $539!?!?!?  	I will search Borders.  Any other 
> suggestions where I might find it at a reasonable price? 	Judy, did 
> you ever get over to B&N to see it?  		CHEERS! 		
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> Weird, I am not getting my messages back but they must be going to 
> the list because you replied, Judy.
> Truth Beauty, Pictorialism and the Photograph as Art, 1845-1945, 
> 2008; Alison Nordstrom, Curator, Thomas Padon, Editor, Vancouver Art 
> Gallery, Vancouver.  Douglas and McIntyre,ISBN 13:978-1-55365-294-6.
> >Tho it soounds like you're familiar with these "originals" -- or their 
> >equivalents?
> Mostly from books.  Only some that I have seen at galleries and 
> museums but not a ton of the ones in this book in person. 
> Tell me about print being different:  above is a URL of an original 
> gum side
> by side with its appearance in a book, a marked difference.
> So, like Cigar Boy, certainly the exhibition guide could look 
> nothing like the actual print.
> >>Do they make you want to print darker?
> Yes, the darkness of the prints in this book make me want to explore 
> printing darker.  I think there is much room for this kind of dark 
> beauty in
> this day and age.
> But what surprises me about the book is that many of the images are 
> still quite powerful, and contemporary. Chris
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