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My apologies Bob... You have been on my conscience, but life has been so complicated, compromised, conflicted and incompetent that instead of getting anything done, everything has unravelled and I've ended up at a net loss..

(And remind me not to get into any more arguments on the list about free range eggs --- I only put eggs in chicken salad anyway... That's NON-free range chicken salad -- & tho I rarely bet less than a million dollars, I'd bet my chicken salad, including almonds, grapes, apples & OJ, et al, would get the prize at the county fair .... nyah nyah !)

This week has meanwhile been a total loss, so I will try VERY hard to get to B&N tomorrow... and, the good lord willing & if the crick don't rise, to Strand (just for the heck of it... I doubt they'll have that book.)

That $539, incidentally, as it's been explained here in the past, is allegedly not the price set by Amazon itself, but Amazon apparently has a host of independent sellers, who can charge whatever they want, and if there's a scarcity (or they make or contrive a scarcity) they put the price up like that.

I remember years ago someone was trying to get James Reilly's "The Albumen & Salted Paper Book" & got a price in hundreds quoted from "Amazon." Then someone else explained to the list that the book was available to download free from the (UCLA? Stanford?) website. I haven't heard mention of that website lately, but presumably it's still there. In any event, once the panic is over, I'd bet (at least a dollar) that Truth/Beauty will resurface.


I'm sorry Bob, it's just that life in these precincts has been more along the lines of crash and oblivion of late than truth and beauty... Nothing deadly you understand ... more, like a bad sitcom. (They never get anything done either, but at least they get paid for it.)



	This is getting weird!  I had the Truth Beauty book in my Barnes and
Noble shopping cart for something around $60.  I just went to order it and
it is gone.  When I enter all Chris's info below into B&N search they say
"nothing found"!  When I search for it on Amazon they want $539 for it!?!?!
	I had to enter Alison Nordstrom and found it as the last of 18 books
but listed as out of stock.  Amazon has it for $539!?!?!?
	I will search Borders.  Any other suggestions where I might find it
at a reasonable price?
	Judy, did you ever get over to B&N to see it?

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Weird, I am not getting my messages back but they must be going to the list
because you replied, Judy.

Truth Beauty, Pictorialism and the Photograph as Art, 1845-1945, 2008;
Alison Nordstrom, Curator, Thomas Padon, Editor, Vancouver Art Gallery,
Vancouver.  Douglas and McIntyre,ISBN 13:978-1-55365-294-6.

Tho it soounds like you're familiar with these "originals" -- or their
Mostly from books.  Only some that I have seen at galleries and museums but
not a ton of the ones in this book in person.
Tell me about print being different:  above is a URL of an original gum side

by side with its appearance in a book, a marked difference.
So, like Cigar Boy, certainly the exhibition guide could look nothing like
the actual print.

Do they make you want to print darker?
Yes, the darkness of the prints in this book make me want to explore
printing darker.  I think there is much room for this kind of dark beauty in

this day and age.

But what surprises me about the book is that many of the images are still
quite powerful, and contemporary.