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Re: I should have bought an Epsom but...

Many thanks to everyone who replied. I have found the controls that set the amount of ink laid down and how to change drying times. This has made an enormous difference. I now have black. I have also learned a lot about printing profiles. I am now ready to sing and dance as I make some diginegs again. Thank you all. Hellena
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I have an HP Photosmart D7260 which uses different cartridges than your printer, but the HP website calls both ink sets Vivera so they may use the same inks. I get pretty good blacks. Different printers have differenIt drivers, but mine has a tab in the Preferences box marked advanced. In Advanced there is a setting for ink amount which can be changed to increase the ink laid down. There is also a setting to increase drying time which might be a good idea if you are increasing the ink.

If you are using black to print a negative and can't get paper white in your image, try printing in red (negative open in Photoshop, new fill layer, solid color, R 255 G 0 B 0. Mode screen.)
Hope this helps. Charles Portland Oregon