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"The Practical Photographer" (was re: Truth Beauty book)

I was glad to see (from Henry Rattle's e-mail below) that Jay referenced Demachy's story to "The Practical Photographer" ... I'd actually found my copy on my shelf (as is not often the case), tho mine is dated May, 1905.

It's possible the series repeated itself, or had different versions, because in this one Demachy's report begins, not on page 2 but on page 11 (& is 3 pages long). The entire book, by the way, is titled "Gum Bichromate Printing" & I see that I put in a few post-its with "corrections." But it's amazing and wonderful that these articles, now at least 104 years old, are still mostly correct and relevant.

However the reference also makes me nostalgic for "the old days"... all of (maybe 20?) or so years ago, when we still had the Photographica Fair at the Pennsylvania Hotel, with 2 or 3 rooms of venders and public so packed you could hardly move from booth to booth. One fellow (forget his name but from upstate NY) had especially good (old) photography books & I must have mentioned I was interested in gum... Because one day he phoned me to say he'd gotten an old book entirely about gum printing, did I want it for $45. I did. (Not sure you could get $45 for it today -- it really is falling apart, but it's given me joy beyond price.)

As for Bill Jay,..... this isn't the time or place but I cannot, CANNOT
forbear mentioning my review of his "Occam's Razor" in Post Factory #2 (page 20). My headline for the article is "Curdling the Blood in Everyday Life."



On Fri, 15 May 2009, Don Bryant wrote:

Chris and all,

For those interested in Mr. Jay's writing and photos visit his website. It
may not be up much longer.



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Speaking of Bill Jay, this just in:



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The Demachy story is recounted in Bill Jay's book (the one that has a
one-track selection from Demachy's oeuvre) as (in 1894):

"I was buying some hydroquinone at a dealer's, and complaining at the same
time of my inability to secure the proper quality of blacks with
gelatino-bromide paper. An unknown customer interrupted me and asked 'Why
don't you try Poitevin's gum process,... it is easy enough...' I bought
required materials there and then, and next morning began gum bichromate
printing..." ...after only 'a week or so of experimental coating and
developing, I got a few fair results which were exhibited at the London
Photographic Salon'

The story is referenced to Practical Photographer, Library series, No.7
(1904) p.2

Best wishes