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RE: Gum Prints from the 1890s



Thank you very much for this wonderful link.


After viewing quite a few of the works, I noticed that most or all are labeled as gravures.


So do you know if any of the original gum prints still exist as part of the collection?




Don Bryant


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Hi Edward !


Have a look at Allan Griffiths' Luminous Lint  website :

and search for dichromate Gum in the alphabetical search in the "Techniques" part of the site. this will lead you to some photographers and some of their gum pictures (around 1898) :  Clarence White, Heinrich Kühn, members of the "Linked ring Brotherhood", gertrude Kasebier, etc.


Another resource is the Paris Musée d'Orsay (devoted to XIX century arts);

Go to the research page :

where you may type

"gomme bichromatée" in the "General search" field,

check the "Photography" box in  "Disciplins" fields

type    1885  and 1905  in the  "De"  and "to"  "work date" field


You will get 93 results by Puyo, Demachy,  Steichen, Le bègue, White, Hoffmeister...

Constant Puyo's   "Autoportrait en casquette et fumant la pipe" is dated 1889 !


Hope it helps !  bonne chance!

Cheers from france




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Subject: Gum Prints from the 1890s


Dear All

I am putting together a talk on gum printing for the Richmond and Twickenham Photographic Society and 1890 was the year it started

Are there any online sources of gum prints from this time or around this time?

Thanks guys


Edward Draper LRPS
Richmond and Twickenham Photographic Society