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RE: Agfa N31P

I think this used to be the "standard" for making enlarged inter-positives
and enlarged negs for alt printing.  It would be great if it is good.  As
Eric Neilson recommended, test it with various forms of anti-fog and
restrainers added to which ever dev you choose.  

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It is a thin film and will give you crest moons if you're not careful
handling it. It is a fine film for contact negs. I can look up later what I
used to use for time/temp but HC110 dilution B or E come to mind. Depending
on contrast of original. With that age of film you may want to run some test
with an anti fog or some restrainer of some sort. 


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Anybody have any experience with this? Sensitivity, processing, etc.

I've a 42" x100' roll taunting me now that I have access to a full 
working darkroom (that doesn't resemble a bathroom...)


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