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Dear Friends / Sir / Madam 

Would you, your business associates, employees, friends, family and others care to receive discount commission on every purchase you make and also those made by referrals at leading national, provincial and local retailers country wide ?
Pick and Pay and Makro are two of the CashBack partners and there are many more !

To view the growing list of DirectAdvantage CashBack partners, please visit http://www.directadvantage.org. 
To evaluate this fabulous service download the small 260 KB excel spreadsheet that should amaze you. 
Many people have Ebucs and Voyager mile benefits  which is excellent - BUT  no one earns anything on purchases of those they have referred as well. 
AND  do you earn any money from the Movie houses if you tell your family and friends about a good movie ?????
No  none of us do !

This is where the difference is !!!
But - with this all new DEBIT CARD system you CAN get paid by telling others to do the same as you have done !!!!!
What do you stand to loose ??
You can only gain !

I will really appreciate your online or telephonic registration, using my DAD16572 as referral. You have to register under a DAD number !
You will receive an sms confirming registration with your DAD (Direct Advantage discount) referral number. Follow the procedure to get your DirectAdvantage Debit Card and tell others. 
You will be astonished to see how your credit on your DEBIT CARD will grow.
To view all the people who registered below you, just register to login, on the home page (top right hand) and follow the directions.
The card is in the process to be launched very soon.

Do not miss this opportunity  more than 16 300 people have already registered to receive discounts on all their own purchases as well as the purchase of those whom they referred to do the same !
I registered beginning of May ( my number is DAD16572) and during May more than 5 000 people country wide have registered !
Do not stop to share this with others  you will indirectly get paid through the discounts on their purchases from all the cash back partners !
The more you do this the more credit you will have on your debit card.
I trust that you will have a lot of joy and savings from this debit card.

Should you feel that this is not for you  then I am sincerely sorry that I have wasted your valuable time. 
Would you then care to pass this on to someone else who might be interested in enjoying savings on all their own purchases and to receive extra money through the purchases of others they referred to this DEBIT CARD ???
I sincerely thank you for grabbing hold of this opportunity that can help you during these tough times we are all experiencing.

God bless

Kind regards

Yannick Kalonji 

But seek first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Mat 6 : 33.
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