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RE: question re: nuarc UV 26-1ks

The UV head contains the controls for vacuum pump, as well as the UV light and the integrator.

Since the vacuum control is simple on/off (with a manual vacuum release), you could easily find the vacuum pump wiring and build your own switch. And find the release tube in the base and replace the release.


But the question is – why?  Unless the head is badly damaged beyond repair, what is the purpose?    


From: Paul Viapiano [mailto:viapiano@pacbell.net]
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Subject: question re: nuarc UV 26-1ks


Hi everyone...


I was wondering if these units can work just as a vacuum frame, without the UV source. Do they work independent of each other?


Can the UV head be taken off the machine? And just the bottom part, the vacuum frame be used for exposure in the sun?


Much thanks all....