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Hi Henk --- thanks for thanks, &, as I'm sure you know: flattery will get you everywhere. :)

My little Cannon camera does "raw", too... but I'm too unathletic, or lazy, or maybe just retarded to have ever used it. (I mean, with Photoshop do I really need "raw"?)

But I've decided that I should after all have a new camera, tho I don't remember right now why -- oh, now I remember: It was fine for the project I originally bought it for, which was the T-shirt book-- because everyone was having their portrait done, staring right at the camera, so the 2 seconds or so it took to focus hardly registered. (In fact lots of times I'd already taken the photo when folks would ask, "should I smile now"? .. I swear they asked that ! Which, to coin a phrase, blew my mind -- I like John Dugdale's comment... he'd tell sitters: "Don't make an 'expression'... The expression God gave you is enough.")

But lately that delay has cost me some shots, as running after the ----k who let his dog pee on my stoop after I'd asked him not to. (This happens to be an officially "pretty block," so folks from everywhere come to walk their dogs & turn it into a dog latrine)... Plus the dog walker today who couldn't be bothered to take her dog (one of 3) off the middle of the sidewalk, so it did its thing right where people walk -- She made a gesture at cleaning it up ... smearing it around with a copy of the NY Times magazine. This was practically at my doorstep, where people walk in it and then walk it into the house onto the soon-to-be-new (after 30 years !) carpet... So I *explained* to her that that wasn't acceptable, and she in effect said "tough," so I got out my camera for a "mug shot" (they hate that, but it turns out to be the only protest that actually registers -- short, I suppose, of a baseball bat -- plus could help identify them in future). But by the time the damn thing focussed she was gone.... I caught up with her at the corner, and she was not pleased... but now this slow focus bothers me.

I gather (from Pogue in the NY Times, probably) that the new ones will do instant focus. Your code/cryptogram about your Panasonic DMC-LX@ (sounds like an airplane !) is well over my head, but I've copied the data and will start there... thank you !!!

PS. I take it that the "222 grams" (8 ounces avoir du pois) is the weight of just the lens?



On Fri, 19 Jun 2009, henk thijs wrote:

Hi Judy,
Mentioning your problems carrying heavy weight camera's (for that reason i switched years ago from Leica to Pentax - never regret it) for certain situations i bought a digital compact camera allowing RAW-format :
the Panasonic DMC-LX2 'LUMIX', with a Leitz (!) Vario-Elmarit 1:2.8 - 4.9 zoom (6.3 to 25.2) about 222 gram.
all the best and thanks for your comments - without PostFactory there would be no (tri)gum print in the book!!