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Well, I only developed the vapors (a very mild case, no palpitations) after the fact, and rather belatedly; I couldn't figure out why all the windows in my browser were suddenly bigger enough than my 20" screen that they had to be manually moved from side to side to access the back button on one side or the scrolling tracks on the other side. It was only when I skimmed through some of this discussion that I realized that this had started when I linked to Francie's site. I had to shut down the browser and restart the computer in order to get my browser windows (tabs, actually, in Firefox) to resize to their normal size. So yeah, I guess I have to come down against forced rescaling too.

On Jun 25, 2009, at 8:59 AM, Keith Gerling wrote:

I developed a severe case of the vapors when I first stumbled upon Francie's site: heart palpitations, dizziness and difficulty breathing. No warning! Nothing! All of a sudden my screensize was manipulated by an allpowerful source, and panic took over. Days later I have just begun to get the courage back to go online.

Other than that, I really enjoyed all of the galleries. "Altar" is very impressive, as are the oilprints, and I love the subtle colors.

On Thu, Jun 25, 2009 at 9:59 AM, D. Mark Andrews <mark@dragonbones.com> wrote:
With respect Eric, forced browser scaling is considered highly rude by end users and poor form by professional designers. It is frequently associated with deleterious sites that force unwanted content (i.e. viruses, spybots, ad tracking software, etc.) onto the end users machine and sites running this JavaScript are frequently blocked by corporate IT departments--I used to work for a Fortune 50 company that did just this type of blocking.

The last time I checked the stats (a few months ago) the average display size was 17" and set to 800x600 resolution and far from "universal broadband." My best friend lives in Campbell, CA (silicon valley) and only recently was able to get a cable modem, still no dsl.

What I find disappointing on Francie's site is the forced scaling was not used for richer content (as you will see on gaming sites), but for the gratuitous graphic on the entrance page :-) The rest of her site is designed for the average mentioned above.

Ideally, I want a website to scale to MY default browser settings and let me decide if I want to maximize my window, download music, accept cookies, receive viruses, scan my machine for personal info, etc.:-)

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Scaling the browser window is neither pushy or rude. When I go to view a photo site, my browser is as large as possible to hopefully accommodate nice large images that I can see. Usually that hope is dashed even though we're in an era of near universal broadband and 19+" monitors being pretty much the norm. So if my window is set too small and a site scales my window to accommodate it's larger images and for proper viewing, that's fine by me.

In Firefox the window scales and in Safari it doesn't.

Thanks for sharing.

On Wed, Jun 24, 2009 at 7:41 AM, Francie van der Wielen <mail@francievdwielen.nl> wrote:

thanks for reacting, I think it's very usefull. I understand that some people have problems whith scale and screen. I will talk it over with my webdesigner.

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