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Re: digitizing slides advice??

I've had fantastic success with a DSLR and a Beseler Dual Mode Slide
Duplicator, found on Ebay or (as I did) by asking around, quite likely there
may even be one at school sitting in a closet.

The big advantages to using the old school duplicators are that minor color
corrections are easily accomplished visually, once you get the framing
right, it's pretty much swap slide and shoot, and a I can shoot up to 4x5
transparencies or negatives if need be.


On 7/5/09 10:03 AM, "Christina Z. Anderson" <zphoto@montana.net> wrote:

> Thanks Eric, Clay, Liam, and Don, for the advice.
> Eric you bring up a good point below--what quality I need. The largest size
> gum and platinum would be 13x19, but it may be that I print a group of these
> digitally (gasp) at larger sizes.  Thus quality is important, but Clay's
> advice to do the whole lot cheaply and efficiently with the camera and then
> choose the best to do with a good scan is good advice.
> I checked into the prices of the slide attachment/bellows and together new
> they cost about $618 (URL below if I am getting the correct equipment
> right); the scanner $600, the V750 scanner $850.  All of these choices would
> be cheaper alternatives than having someone scan 400 glass and 1000
> cardboard slides. I do have one benefit--growing up in a family of 8, they
> are willing to pitch in some $$ to do this and with that many it isn't too
> costly per person in this economic blitz of a time. But it may be that a
> better scanner is the way to go because after the collection is digitized I
> will have the scanner for personal use.  BUT I could conceivably make $$
> doing the slide thing for others, too (in my spare time--NOT)   :)