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alt supplies for sale

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  • Date: Mon, 06 Jul 2009 08:53:03 -0500
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Dear All,

This below is a cash and carry type deal, around Cascade or Boise ID.  If
you can drive there and pick up it may be a good deal for you. It is too far
a drive for me, otherwise I would buy the lot.  Quite a lot of silver in
there for those who do kalli, vdb,  salt or whatnot. I am not endorsing the
seller nor know her, I just received the email from an SPE person.  The
prices added to the side are my prices, not hers, that I got from
artcraftchemicals.com. Her original asking price was $850 OBO for the entire
lot (sold as a lot, not piecemeal), but she has come down from that
considerably (perhaps a rock bottom of $500?).

Email her at the email address at the end, not me as I am just
passing this on.

Hope it works for someone!



Photographer has the equipment & a large supply of chemistry for several
Alternative Photographic Processes, including cyanotype, Kallitype, Gum
Bichromate, et a.l Mostly bought from Fisher Chemical, they've been kept in
temperature/humidity consistent storage.

The equipment includes:

OHAUS Triple Beam Balance Gram Scale, in custom hard case ($265 currently)

Large box full of glass graduated cylinders, mixing equipment and

Contact printing frames, varied sizes, some are vintage

The chemistry is mostly in dry form (crystals) in original containers,
majority unopened:

1 - l lb High Quality Silver Nitrate (crystals) ($219lb)

4 - 500 gram High Quality Silver Nitrate (crystals)

2 - 500 gram - Ammonium Dichromate ($36lb)

6 - 500 gram to 1 lb Ferric Ammonium Citrate ($30lb)

6 - 500 gram to 1 lb Potassium Ferricyanide ($16.50lb)

4 - 1 lb Potassium Dichromate ($36lb)

1 - 5 lb Sodium Thiosulphate ($15 5lb)

2 - 1 lb Tartaric Acid ($38lb)

4 - 1 lb Oxalic Acid ($7lb)

2 - 1 lb Gelatin ($20lb)

1 - gallon gum arabic, plus small bottle ($23lb powder)

Also included:

2 - 100 piece packages of Lab Filter Paper, 25.5 x 25.5 cm

1 - box Whatman Filter Paper, 15 x 15 cm

2 - bottles of photographic toner, one green and one brown

email: photoart@ctcweb.net


Christina Z. Anderson