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  • From: phritz phantom <phritz-phantom@web.de>
  • Date: Sun, 26 Jul 2009 02:38:36 +0200
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(sorry. i don't plan on doing anything to my legs, nor has it anything to do with south america....my deepest apologies)

i'm struggling with temporary supports for carbon double transfer. i've tried a few plastics, but not much luck yet. untreated glass doesn't work either. so, i start thinking about waxing these supports.
the old formuals i saw call for benzole (i guess this is out of the question today), original turpentine and resin (colophonium, most likely) - which i both don't have; but these could be ordered. now i read that wax will mix with white spirit ("terpentinersatz" in german, translates as "turpentine subsitution") too. i melted some paraffin (actually a cheap ikea candle. i do have some beeswax, but not much of it) and mixed it with 25ml of white spirit. coating the temporary support was impossible. the setting-time of the mix was fractures of a second, so it was very uneven and gritty.
what could be done to make the wax a little more cooperative? i could try more white spirit in the mix, but i doubt this will do the trick. pouring the mix or dipping the substrate would be a possibility, but this needs a huge amount of wax. pre-heating the substrate comes to my mind too.
a wax that is a little easier to use could possibly be of help with waxing paper negatives too.
anyone any ideas?


and what a huge pita it is to clean up after using molten wax. i'm afraid i've ruined at least three vessels with the stupid stuff. and my stove too, anytime i cook something, the kitchen smells of burnt paraffine. äck.

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