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The Rollei IR sounds sort of like HIE, with good speed and no anti- halation backing. Has anyone tried it?

I made one of those IR meters once, eons ago. Just block a simple photo cell with IR filter and use it to record exposures. After processing, "calibrate" it by comparing the results with the original exposures and lighting situations. Worked fine. Interesting to see the idea being marketed.

Sam Wang

On Jul 30, 2009, at 6:15 PM, Don Bryant wrote:


To little to late I'm afraid for those of us that were dedicated users of
Kodak HIE IR film.

Don Bryant

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I just received this and thought it might be of interest to y'all...

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Digitaltruth Photo Newsletter


*New Product: IRM 750 Infrared Light Meter*

A light meter for infrared film! To save time and money, it's
important to get the greatest number of usable images on a roll of
infrared film as possible. Metering for a correct exposure on infrared
film becomes, at best, a guess with no way of evaluating near-infrared
light. To solve this problem, some people have converted visible light
meters costing 100's of dollars. Others have converted digital cameras
for infrared imaging costing even more, but that route lacks the
blooming effect which only film can provide. This meter accurately
measures near-infrared wavelengths and is suitable for use with all IR



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Art and Artists, Edition 1 - highlights the work of over 100 artists
using alternative photographic processes.
Blueprints to Cyanotypes - offers a step-by-step guide to the
cyanotype process.
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camera and get results in under an hour.

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