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RE: Visited with Keith Gerling Today-Great Gum Prints!

Indeed, Keith's work about dance/dancers is wonderful; we saw at least 60-70
pieces (made in just - incredible! - two months or so as I recall) on Masa
paper and some on plywood. All great, in fact it's my admiration of his
works that got me into gum printing... He should've been mentioned too but I
think his style of perceiving and presenting the act and people is very
different from the the style  of the dutch photographer (and the atmosphere
created by their works), that's why it didn't occured to me instantly...

BTW, Mark we know Keith's work (maybe not the newest ones) but I think there
are many that would like to see (even in form of humble web representations)
those photogravures, including me in the first place! ;)

Best regards,


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Subject: Visited with Keith Gerling Today-Great Gum Prints!

Hi Folks, 

Keith Gerling lives about a 45 minute drive from me, so every once in a
while we get together.  It's been a while since we have done this, so today
I went out to his great place in the woods and took a look at the new work
he is going-gum prints of ballet performances. 

They are beautiful.  Keith has some great images that are beautiful,
sensitive compositions.  He has printed them large on marine plywood over
his special base coat.  The muted colors he is using add to the softness &
grace of the subject and his photographs.  I was really impressed with what
he has done with the medium.  

Way to go Keith!