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RE: Dilution question

10% (source dilution) / 0.125% (target dilution) = 80 times stronger,
therefore you'll use 1 part 10% + 79 parts water (1 + 79 = 80) to make a
0.125% solution from 10%...


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Subject: Dilution question

Hi list,

Can anyone help me figure out the following dilution? I have a solution that
is 10% potassium chlorate. I have in the past diluted this down to 5% and 1%
and a 1/2% solutions. I rarely use any and cannot find my notes for making
the dilutions.

I now want to make a tiny dilution, like 0.125%, or similar, just so there
is a presence of potassium chlorate in the sensitiser. Could someone help me
get there from the 10% start?