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Re: R.I.P. HDR

While I haven't had to employ this technique yet I've always considered it in terms of all of the wacky stuff that I have had to do to get good architectural photographs.  I've airbrushed, water-bath developed, bleached, overexposed and underdeveloped, dodged and burned and any number of things to be able to span the contrast range on some of the subjects that I've photographed.  Fill flash is easy on portraits or small interiors but difficult when the subject is a thirty-odd story building.  Thus, this One exposure for the shadows, one for the highlights and then blend in Photoshop thing has had a lot of appeal for me. HOWEVER any technique that calls attention to itself just blows the whole magic trick as far as I'm concerned.  Never been a fan of ultra-contrasty color but I can see it's applications.  Pushing Daisies (the TV series) succeeds really well with the enhanced color thing as did the movie The Fall (oddly. both star Lee Pace...go figger), the look is reflected in music videos and then commericals that want to look like music videos...so it become part of the "vernacular" and so becomes part of the visual background noise that we all have to shout above.