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Re: R.I.P. HDR

HDR is a crutch for the poor dynamic range of digital capture.  But the zone system was a crutch for the less than perfect dynamic range of  black and white film.  Both, when over used have an unreal look about them.  But if you want reality, why are you doing alt photography?  Ever see a tempra print that looked real?  Ever see a cyanotype that looked real, or a van dyke?  Or anything Black and white for that matter.  Don't dis a system that produces unreal photographs or you'd be dissing photography. 
But, if it is a matter of taste, then I agree with you.  I don't like the look of an over the top tone mapped HDR.  Others might.

eric nelson wrote:
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Finally someone has put onto a page what I've been thinking all along!


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