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Congratulations Mark - I love the shadow detail in this print.


ender100 wrote:
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I'm pleased to mention that one of my  polymer plate photogravures entitled "Hetta's Bowl With Pears" from a the limited edition series The Adventures of Hetta's Bowl won the grand prize at the Norris Cultural Art's Center VICINITY Show and the Lester J. Norris Memorial Award.  This is a juried show that includes all types of art media submitted by artists from the Chicago area.

This image & print is the first of a series of 10 images based on this beautiful old wooden bowl.  Hetta is the mother of dear friends and was quite a wonderful character.  She was a social worker and wife of a prominent University of Chicago Professor in Sociology, Clifford Shaw.  He started the Chicago Area Project and his work led to the development of the Peace Corps by Shri ver.  Hetta made wonderful salads in this bowl using a technique all her own and had a wonderful way with people.  My favorite quote from Hetta regarding politicians:  "Something that a few good Christian burials might solve!"

See: http://gallery.me.com/minelson#100057

The show will be up October 3 through November 14 at the Norris Cultural Arts Center in St. Charles, Illinois.

Pardon me in advance for my lack of humility in sharing this.

Jon Lybrook
Intaglio Editions