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And I'll that the product is excellent. The company used to be known as Blueprints Printable and run by Barbara Hewitt and John Dayce, two fabulous folks.
It's now in Washington  BUT there are two places as the women who ran it separated. One is the site below sent in by Rodolpho, the other one, and the one
that originally took over Barb and John's site, which I deal with is named after Barb's book: Blueprints onf Fabric. The woman who runs it is as I remember,
Linda but I forget her last name. That site is: www.blueprintsonfabric.com/
The oddity is that both women live on Vachon Island, near Seattle.
Cheers to all
Jack F

On Oct 1, 2009, at 2:36 PM, ann clancy wrote:

i have purchased fabic from this company for some workshops at school. Nice woman, makes it easier for folks to buy and not have to coat fabic , etc.
They have been around for years,
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Hello, all,
I just saw this on the GMail's sponsored links that insist to show on my GMail page : http://www.bluesunprints.com/ . I don't know if anyone of you had already seen this, but I only did now - and I liked! It can even become an earn of living! 
Rodolpho Pajuaba