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Re: Miracle size for gum

on one hand you're absolutely right. gum is ultra-picky about surfaces and it's probably really only the gamblin one that works.
on the other hand i can't believe that pva-based sizes are only available in the usa, i found some for house-painting, but none for artists. i checked a bunch of datas heets for all kind of grounds available, but almost all seem to be based on some kind of acrylic, not a single one on acetate so far.
i will email to kremer pigmente (they do carry some gamblin products, colors and resins, but not the size). i'll ask if they can order the size and/ or can recommend something similar.


Paul Viapiano schrieb:
OK, once more since it came up again today...

Gamblin PVA SIZE is what you want...other products called PVA are not the same as PVA SIZE. Results will be different since they are not the same material. If you could get Gamblin to release the formula to you or at least get an MSDS, you might be able to figure something out.

Find out WHO in Europe is a distributor for Gamblin products. In fact, email Gamblin via their site and ask before you go down a road of endless disappointment.


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i second this.
i've read "gamblin pva" quite often lately. and it does sound interesting. i looked around a bit and couldn't find a source in europe either. then in did some search on "polyvinylacetat" and it seems to be a pretty commonly used chemical. so there should be something similar be available here too. maybe even in a hardware store.
kremer pigmente sells quite a bit of these things, but i don't know enough about the subject to pick out the right stuff. they do have something which i think i pure polyvinyl acetate, but it's in granules and has to be mixed in some kind of alcohol, which sounds smelly and unpleasant.


Loris Medici schrieb:
Thanks for the report Marek. Unfortunately we don't have Gamblin
products here in Turkey. Do you have any idea about the formula? I can
find PVA but I'm not sure which one to buy and how much to use...

Not directly related but just wanted to mention: For those who are
interested in "casein", the miracle sizing is cheap acrylic gesso 1+4
(or 1+5) with water.


2009/10/9 Marek Matusz <marekmatusz@hotmail.com>:

A few weeks ago there was some discussion on PVA sizing and I decided to try
it for gum.
The 1:2 turned out to be a miracle!