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Re: glutaraldehyde shelf life

I have not had glut go bad except one time I wondered if that was the case with a bottle of Maxicide that I bought from a medical supply house--it is already at the 2.5% dilution, and I did not mix the additive into it that comes with the bottle, so maybe that was the case.  But I buy mine from Photo Formulary in the 25% solution in a little bottle (you can ask them for as little as 10ml at a time, btw, which will last through 10 liters of size!) and so far that has not gone bad from year to year.
If it did go bad you would experience a slimy surface of gelatin that does not feel hard.  It is very apparent. If it is working, the surface always feels smooth. 
I have a few sheets here that were sized by students in a workshop that I decided not to waste, and I also notice that they weren't using the sizing liberally enough when they coated.  The paper feels what I call "catchy", not smooth. And in use, it stained.
Christina Z. Anderson
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Subject: glutaraldehyde shelf life

Anybody know how long this stuff lasts?  Just the mere act of reading Phritz's woes have caused my prints to stain horribly.  No problems at all 2 weeks ago, so I doubt if it "turned", but my glut was purchased back when Chris started to preach of it's qualities.  (thanks Chris!)

and I've only used a smidgeon of it