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PVA size concentration for gum printing

learning all the time,
I have receives some off list posts that higher Gamblin PVA concentrations work well on different papers (as high as straight from the bottle). I just re-run a test with 1:1 dilution with water on a presoaked Fabriano Artistico Xtra white. Paper was presoaked, dired and coated with 20cc PVa water 1:1 mix/sheet. The test strips are being developed but they have much less stain/faster developmet to clear the stain, then previously reported 1:2 dilution. ANd of course quick dip and dunk in a chlorox solution works miracles as well. So before you report it is total b-s, I would urge you to pre-shrink the paper and thern try different dilutions of Gamblin PVA if you are inclined to experiment. ANd every gum printer is.


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