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Re: HOW NOT to unsubscribe !

I believe this is the link to unsubscribe: 

To UNSUBSCRIBE from this list connect to this link



On Oct 18, 2009, at 8:32 PM, Judy Seigel wrote:

I daresay the recent discussion of fine points of fine points of gum science is driving folks off in droves (perhaps, however, folks will appreciate how we gum printers control ourselves when folks parse endless fine points of fine points of other processes we never even heard of)... But here's an important point many seem to have missed of late....

YOU DIDN'T SUBSCRIBE BY ADDRESSING THE LIST IN GENERAL, SO FOR PETE'S SAKE WILL YOU STOP UNSUBSCRIBING TO THE LIST IN GENERAL ???!!! IT GETS YOU NOWHERE BUT MAKES YOU LOOK LIKE A NUDNICK... You should have those instructions packed with your subscribing instructions ... If not... heh heh ... you may be stuck for life.

(Tho I expect some kind soul who has that info at hand will put it on the list in near future... And that everyone will take note... I'll even file, or re-file it, myself, tho of course FINDING the file when the moment arrives is the problem.)

meanwhle, best, and happy October...


Laura Campbell
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