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RE: a new (old) paper for New Cyanotype

I'll add:

- Bergger COT320 (perfect in every sense!)
- Weston Diploma Parchment (good. base is warm/off-white, gives the image a
more green look + paper prints with a slight fog; add 1 drop of 40% citric
acid per 10ml coating solution to fix this. paper is delicate in wet
processing but it's very cheap!)
- "Neutralized" Fabriano Artistico Extra White (paper won't work w/o
neutralizing in 5% HCl or acetic acid, works perfectly after that. base
color very compatible with cyanotype. very good for gumovers, so that it's
worth the trouble.)
- Masa (very good, base is cold white and very bright, goes well with new
cyanotype, shows good dmax. it's a thin paper / delicate in wet processing
but it's very cheap!)



From: francis schanberger [mailto:frangst@gmail.com] 
Sent: Sunday, October 18, 2009 12:19 AM
To: alt-photo-process-l@usask.ca
Subject: a new (old) paper for New Cyanotype

Too contribute a little (process) diversity for the alt process list here's
something that I am working on: 

Coventry Rag Vellum White works wonderfully with New Cyanotype (Ware
Method). WIth this process I have struggled getting papers to work. 

Previously I have used with some success:

Arches Platine
Ruscombe Mills Buxton
Cranes Professional Presentation
a Hahnemuhle Cover (from the close-out section of Freestyle)

I'll post a link to a test image in a day or two.