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Re: OT: Rubylith

Thanks, Eric.

On 2009-10-20, at 7:13 PM, erie patsellis wrote:

Instead of looking to art supply stores, try printing suppliers, I use
Valley Litho, and found:

If you are only masking UV for alt process work, stop by a local print shop
and ask them if they have any plate masking sheets, they come in various
sizes and are still used by printshops burning metal plates. Easily cut with
an exacto, and if need be, can be taped to a piece of mylar if you feel you
need the support, in a couple decades of using it, I rarely used mylar (only
for multicolor work)


On 10/20/09 5:16 PM, "Susan Huber" <shuber1@telus.net> wrote:

Thanks, Bob I left a message to let me know either Ruby or Amberlith
to be known when it comes in... used to see the stuff everywhere like
Kodak Panatomic and Agfa film too... hmmmm..

On 2009-10-20, at 2:32 PM, BOB KISS wrote:

As the Ulano website lists Amberlith as "discontinued" it is
unlikely that misterart.com will get any more.  Bu they should
eventually be
restocked with Rubylith.