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Re: My own PVA glue sizing experience (attn: marek + the gum woesagain)

that is a very nice color indeed.
you don't need to do this while coating a new layer and risk ruining a fine print, just take a corner of a discarded print or test strip (maybe an aera which got a lot of exposure), put a drop of water on it and scrub a little with a brush. with my pva size the gum will come right off, even when properly exposed or overexposed. it doesn't dry waterproof, like it should, that's why i can't put on another layer without damaging the on beneath.
my paper has a very smooth surface. definitely not spongy. and yes, i preshrink.


Marek Matusz schrieb:

I am onto a 6 layer gums, and not noticing any particular difficulties
with burshing or the bottom gum layer being too fragile. I will check next
time I have a layer developing with a more vigorous brushing. I do a lot
of brush work on my gums, current work not being so much different and did
not noticed problems with the image.

If you were to look at the size it looks pretty wateery to begin with and
now I am dilutiong it 1:1 tp 1:2. As I noted before concentration straight
from the bottle resulted in flaking on the test strip. Maybe I will try it
again and pay more attention to it. Establishing the right concentration
to apply seems to be critical.

Phritz, do you soak your paper before hand. It seems like that helps by
raising the nap of the paper a bit.

On the other hand I tested a copule more papers with a 1:1 dilution, BFK
rives, which looked like a blottong paper, very porous and with a lot of
tooth (actually I got an email that somebody has been using it for a while
and sizing it with streight form the bottle Gamblin PVA with wonderful
results). Just printed a blue layer on it. Looks so nice. Same thing for
lana lanaquarelle, which seems very heavily sized to begin with, but
printed very well with a 1:1 size. The third paper is Magnani Pescia. This
paper is very open textured and has a lot of tooth. It does contain UV
brightener as it glows white under UV light. It printed well. I will be
working on multilayer gums on these papers over the weekend

Her eis a 4layer print. I have been doing this very free style prints with
very rough coating, partial coating, etc, trying to have them look like
totally hand made prints.