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Thanks Jack. I do prep the plates myself - sortof. I buy polished copper,
which I cut to size and send out to be silver plated. Then the silver side
needs to be highly polished to a mirror finish before sensitizing.

The colors are not added, they are 100% natural. The highlights, when they
are overexposed, get a blue color. Works out nicely with the skies as they
are usually the area with the most blue light. When the snow turns blue it
looks less natural. 



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Greg. Cool. The site looks lovely.
Couple of questions . . .
1.	did you prep the plates or are they purchased?
2.	how'd you 'add' the colors

Again, a treat.
Jack Fulton

On Oct 24, 2009, at 2:05 PM, Gregory Popovitch wrote:

> Hi all,
> Please come visit my new gallery of modern daguerreotypes at
> http://www.dagartist.com. I would love to hear your thoughts!
> Thanks,
> Gregory Popovitch