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Re: printer recommendations?

The Durabrite block far more UV than Claria. I did some platinum and carbon with an old C70 without any problem but just need to add a lot of contrasting agent to have a decent print with a 285 which use Claria ink.

At 12:16 24/10/2009, you wrote:
the epson "d120" uses "durabright ultra" ink and the "p50" uses "claria photographic" ink.
does someone know how the uv-blocking characteristics of those two inks compare?

apart from that the only differences between the two concerning the print head are that with the "p50" it says only "micro piezo technology" and that it uses 6 inks and with the "d120" that is uses 4 inks, "micro piezo technology", "microdot 3 pl (pico liter, i guess)" and "variable sized droplet".
is there a whole lot of difference in quality to be expected between the two?


Philippe Berger schrieb:
THe best for my carbon is the Epson D120 = 100 USD


Philippe Berger
mineurdecharbon@skynet.be <mailto:mineurdecharbon@skynet.be>

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Epson 3800, $300 rebate where available...
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thanks for sending that. i didn't know t hese systems existed.
i will definitely look into that.


davidhatton@totalise.co.uk schrieb:
> Hi Phritz,
> I use this
> http://www.continuous-ink-systems.co.uk/AB-Refillable-Printer-Cartridges/c63/index.html?osCsid=ec6f09380d7e61f8e9e1f1a0fc4aef47
> I don't know whether refillable cartridges are available for
the P50.
> Claria are not the densest of inks for negatives but they
work well > for gum and iron processes,
> I don't use pictorica either - agfa works fine for me.
> Davidh

Mark Nelson
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