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Congratulations  to all the artists exhibiting in Atelier pH7!

Quite an accomplishment!

On 2009-10-26, at 8:28 AM, permadocument wrote:

Exhibit  170 years photography: the art of the photo archive
Historic overview of photographic techniques and processes from the daguerreotype to ink jet printing with original historic objects and contemporary alternative works by renown international artists from the collection Atelier pH7, plus a personal exhibit of the artistic work of half a century of  Roger Kockaerts, Belgian artist and visual media restorer.
From 5 to 27 November 2009 at Vrije Universiteit Brussel GalerY, Pleinlaan2, 1050 Brussels.
Contemporary works by: Christina ANDERSON (USA), 3-color gum over cyanotype; Gary AUERBACH (USA), platinum-palladium; Louis-François BACOU (FR), silver gelatin, platinum-palladium ; Philippe Berger (BE), carbon; Sabrina BIANCUZZI (FR), silver gelatin; Diana BLOOMFIELD (USA), platinum-palladium; Pascal BONNEAU (FR), platinum-palladium ; Jean DAUBAS (FR), Van Dyke Brown ; Jack FULTON (USA), Ink Jet; Eve GONDRY (BE), Polaroid transfer; Roger KOCKAERTS (BE), silver gelatin, cyanotype, platinum-palladium; Chia LÖFQVIST (SE), 3-color gum ; Pierre-Louis MARTIN (FR), mordançage ; Jeffrey MATHIAS (USA), platinum-palladium ; Philippe MEDARD (FR), Van Dyke Brown ; Michel MEDINGER (LU), cyanotype, Van Dyke Brown ; Christian NZE (FR), platinum-palladium ; Rinus ORTELEE (NL), daguerreotype ; Francis SCHANBERGER (USA), cyanotype ; René SMETS (BE), daguerreotype, salted paper, ambrotype, silver gelatin,cyanotype, oilprint, carbon, platinum, heliogravure, gum, bromoil, Sury powder process; Hamish STEWART (GB), 3-color gum ; Johan SWINNEN (BE), silver gelatin; Martin VAN KAMPEN (NL), Van Dyke Brown; Karel VAN GERVEN (BE), salted paper; Bruo VERMEERSCH (BE), oilprint; Carl WEESE (USA), platinum-palladium; Sam WANG (USA), platinum-palladium.
This event is organized at the occasion of the publication (in dutch) of  ‘The art of the photo archive’ by Roger Kockaerts  and  Prof. dr. Johan Swinnen  - ‘De kunst van het foto-archief’ – 480 p., ISBN 979 90 5487 540 6 by VUB press, Brussels.
The last 10 years, Atelier pH7 has organized more than 60 exhibits. Most of the artists represented in the present exhibit showed their work at Atelier pH7, situated in Brussels, the capital of united Europe. Please consult our general conditions to exhibit at http://www.permadocument.be/texte/LE/LE-cond.html , and suggest us your body of work for a personal show at Atelier pH7.
With our warmest greetings,                                                                                 
Roger Kockaerts
Atelier pH7
7 rue des Balkans
B-1180 Brussels

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