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  • From: Juan Miguel Jusdado <jusdado@teleline.es>
  • Date: Fri, 30 Oct 2009 18:38:24 +0100
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hello to all:
My old printer Epson 600 have died, for what I have the necessity to look for a substitute quickly.
I have another Epson R800 that works very well, but:
1 - the ink would pigment Ultrachrome little UV they block.
2 - lately they are remarkable the marks of "pizza" although I have dismantled the printer and I have gone up the piece. I proved to eliminate the wheels and it didn't work.
Now I have that he/she buys another printer, but this it would be "economic", to print some document etc., but that it was also good to print negative.
I have looked for and opposing Epson D120, format A4 and inks Durabrite for 50 €.
I believe that some of the list is using this printer. I would like to know:
1 - if the inks Durabrite has a bigger blockade of UV that the Ultrachrome.
2 - it is visible the problem of "pizza" or this printer has another haulage system that it doesn't use the jagged wheels.
Thank you for their collaboration. Excuse for my English, text translated by computer.

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