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UK and Japan Workshops

Terry King has asked me to let people on the list know about his new series of workshops at his studio in Richmond, Surrey, UK - here is the concise version:

  "The Wedgwood to Bromoil course of seventeen-day day workshops gives hands-on experience of printing processes since 1804 including asphaltum, salt, Daguerreotypes, stereo, (both with David Burder who the Guiness Book of Records credits with having made the largest Daguerreotype), platinum, copper plate gravure, gum, bromoil, the cyanotype rex and the chrysotype rex. 

 In one year eight of the twelve professional printers in the Ilford calendar had attended Wedgwood to Bromoil as well as the finest amateur printers and photographers. 

 The workshops will be on Thursdays or Fridays starting in February 2010 at a cost of £1,100 for all seventeen workshops. Further details with pictures using the processes are at www.hands-on-pictures.com."

He is also running some Bromoil workshops in Japan in January 2010.

Terry has been running workshops since 1982  (I helped on some of the early ones) and you can see many examples of his prints on the web site, along with some of his poetry.


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