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Bob, is your bleeding post exposure, during process? Do you see it wash off
and into the non exposed border? 

Process up side down.

Check balance of ferric to pt/pd mix.

Back side dry with a little heat.   

Have a shot of print enhancer prior to and after every coating and when your
done, you won't bloody well care, but you'd have a good time trying. 


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	Thanks for the info!  
	Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell, I did follow my own guidelines which have
never produced bleeding in the past but did this morning.  I am beginning to
suspect that I didn't blow dry the print dry enough even though I did let it
sit for about 10 mins before re-humidifying.  On next print I will check it
to make certain it is completely dry from the blow drying, wait 15 mins, and
then re-humidify.  
	I will report results...might be tomorrow or later as I am scanning
the next neg for this show.

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Yes, Bob,
It was me, actually...
And boy was it a PITA.
It never happened before and I always used Arches Platine.  Then last year
or so ago it happened continually on the same paper.  I then went and tested
different papers, adding water to the coating solution, adding Everclear,
methylated alcohol, Tween, etc.  This is what I ended up doing. Also, below
are some notes from the list on this topic that I saved in a file.  OH, when
I bought the new ferric and tested it I got no bleeding but when I went back
to an old batch of Platine I got bleeding again so...the best I could figure
was it was a combo of paper sizing change, old ferric, not enough humidity,
droppers being different...

Switched to Cot 320.
Switched from ammonium citrate to warm potassium oxalate developer.
Bought new ferric oxalate.
Found that more ferric, more bleed occurred.
Checked to make sure my eye droppers were the same drop size so I wasn't
going overboard on pt/pd or ferric.
Bought a humidifier for my dimroom and made sure the solution was absorbed
into the paper instead of sitting on top.
Switched to Heico Permawash
Notes from list:

Try adding a LITTLE Everclear (ethanol) to your sensitizer. I use it at a
rate of about 5 drops per every ml of sensitizer. (Kerik)

     I have not seen bleeding with platine in quite some time. . If your
blacks are good and rich but just not sticking to the paper, I'd look at
your soaking and drying as the problem. If your blacks are weak and you are
getting wash off, you may indeed look to your ferric.  I would also suggest
adding some Oxalic Acid to the ferric and see what that does. (Eric)

     I was struck by the fact that you do NOT use a hair dryer on low
setting to dryyour coated paper.  I do the following and have NEVER had any
bleeding.Yes, I know I live where the humidity in my darkroom hovers between
50 and 55% year round but try this anyhow.1) Coat as you usually do. 2) I
wait at least a few minutes for the solution to soak into the paper. It
shouldn't look "wet" or shiny any more...just feel very damp. 3) I use a
hair dryer at low setting dry the paper using circular sweeping motions on
both the coated and back side of the paper. 4) I hang the paper in the
darkroom for around 10 minutes for everything to stabilize and even out. 5)
I then re-moisten it holding it high above a steaming pot of water.  I do
this just until the paper goes slightly limp and loses its strong dry
feeling. 6) Again, I leave the paper just a minute to stabilize and even
out. 7) Voila: Good D-max, clean highlights, decent contrast, and no
bleeding. (from none other than you, BOB

     Not sure about the bleeding issue since this is something I have not
experienced. It could be an old developer issue, or a paper issue,  just
don't know. (Sandy)

Christina Z. Anderson


On Dec 11, 2009, at 8:19 AM, BOB KISS wrote:

> 	No this isn't a cockney expletive!  	
> 	I recall on this (well, the older incarnation, actually) list about
> 12 to 18 months ago someone (was it Katherine?) experienced some bleeding
> their pt/pd prints at the edges of the white paper and high density
> areas.  I also seem to recall that, after much ado, the fix was something
> very simple (I hope).
> 	Does anyone remember this thread?  Lead me to the thread in the
> archives?
> 			BOB
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