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Congratulations Chris!

Best Wishes,
Mark Nelson

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Dear List,

How exciting: today I got my Photo Technique subscription in the mail, 
the May/June issue (is it May yet???) and my full article on the 
chromoskedasic process is in it on pp. 12-18!!

It is good it got published in entirety because both the loosey goosey 
brush process and the more rigid tray process are both included, 
instead of just one or the other. Any chemists on this list can also 
use the info in the article to postulate why the particular chemistry 
outlined works so well. I've been told it may have to do with 
hydroquinone free developer. In my next life I'll go back to school 
and get a chemistry degree...

I owe the joys of this process to my forerunners, though: Dominic Man 
Kit Lam, WIlliam Jolly, and Alan Bean.

Check out the URL:

I needed some good news this week, lemmetellya!

Christina Z. Anderson

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