[alt-photo] Apple-type or iEtch-type anyone?

sam wang samwang864 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 28 04:59:58 GMT 2010

The way iPods and iPhones are etched in the back - has anyone used it for
printing images? Apparently it's an etching process, creating a matte white
image on highly polished chrome surface. When viewed, the effect is almost
exactly like that of the daguerreotype - image can appear positive or
negative depending on the reflection.

It's probably not something one can do in a home darkroom/studio, but I'm
curious about what they use for resist that gives details so fine. The
result surely is more archival than anything else we make, as long as it's
not scratched.

And, what would we call the process if it is used for image printing?

Sam Wang

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