[alt-photo] Ziatype questions

Vedos vedos at samk.fi
Thu Aug 5 18:56:34 GMT 2010

Hi all, a wannabe ziatypist here, with questions :-)

1. My EDTA refuses to dissolve, is there a trick to dissolve it to water? I did some platinum printing long time ago (last prints from 12 - 15 years ago) and have got a stock of EDTA from that time... can it go bad? I don't remember having to do anything special to get it dissolved back then, but I googled some info about needing to raise the pH of the solution to 8 (with NaOH) to get it dissolved. Is that so?!
Oh well, I then used sodium sulfite as a clearing bath, worked just fine.

2. My negatives keep sticking to the paper, although I let them dry for 10 to 12 minutes, and then dry for 2 minutes more with a hair dryer (cool setting). The paper feels quite dry after this, IMO. But maybe it's just the rH of my workroom (around 74 % today)... So, I started using a sheet of acetate between the paper and negative, but there's still a slight image transfer from the paper to the acetate happening... paper still too wet?

OK, this has been my first day with zia, and I'm learning... ;-) ...more about my day here:


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