[alt-photo] Re: Ziatype questions

Loris Medici mail at loris.medici.name
Thu Aug 5 19:23:32 GMT 2010

  Jalo, just dry the paper a little longer. Let's say try drying the 
paper for at least 30 minutes. 10-12 minutes at 72% RH is quite short; I 
was drying my paper 15 minutes in winters, where room temp was 18-20C 
and RH 30-40%, and still being able to get neutral results with good 
dmax... If you see fibers stuck on the acetate your paper is definitely 
too damp!

Also, are you sure that the paper is soaking the sensitizer enough? What 
paper is that and how much coating solution per area are you using? (I 
was using 0.25ml per 10 sq. in. ...)

Can't help with EDTA (which one BTW? Na2 or Na4?); mine (4-5 year in 
shelf) still dissolves pretty quickly. A simple 2-5% citric acid bath 
also will clear the print pretty effectively - at least it was with the 
papers I was using... (COT320, Masa and Whatman Watercolor.)


05.08.2010 21:56, Vedos yazmış:
> Hi all, a wannabe ziatypist here, with questions :-)
> 1. My EDTA refuses to dissolve, is there a trick to dissolve it to water? I did some platinum printing long time ago (last prints from 12 - 15 years ago) and have got a stock of EDTA from that time... can it go bad? I don't remember having to do anything special to get it dissolved back then, but I googled some info about needing to raise the pH of the solution to 8 (with NaOH) to get it dissolved. Is that so?!
> Oh well, I then used sodium sulfite as a clearing bath, worked just fine.
> 2. My negatives keep sticking to the paper, although I let them dry for 10 to 12 minutes, and then dry for 2 minutes more with a hair dryer (cool setting). The paper feels quite dry after this, IMO. But maybe it's just the rH of my workroom (around 74 % today)... So, I started using a sheet of acetate between the paper and negative, but there's still a slight image transfer from the paper to the acetate happening... paper still too wet?
> OK, this has been my first day with zia, and I'm learning... ;-) ...more about my day here:
> http://vedos.samk.fi
> Cheers,
> Jalo

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