[alt-photo] Re: Ziatype questions

Vedos vedos at samk.fi
Thu Aug 5 20:46:13 GMT 2010


> (No tonal separation before 40s is
a property of high contrast processes like cyanotype, not soft processes
like palladiotype...)

Agree... That's what puzzled me too... people talking about the long scale ziatype ??

>- The curve looks very drastic; Ziatype was giving me the smoothest and
mildest curve I've ever designed with any of the alt processes I worked

Agree again, about the curve...

>In short; there's definitely something going wrong there, and my gut
feeling is that the paper is causing the problem(s), not something else...

The same (contrasty) results with two more papers (Saunders, Somerset). This paper has been very good (one of the best I ever had) with vdb and cyanotype (well that doesn't prove anything)...

>BTW, how does 16 drops translate into ml's with your pipettes /
droppers? (8+8 drops doesn't say something to me...)

The other day I counted about 25 drops to make 1 ml...

- Jalo

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