[alt-photo] Re: Stoichiometry for the nonscientist

Loris Medici mail at loris.medici.name
Thu Aug 5 20:59:43 GMT 2010

  Hi Eric,

Since - in the currenct context - we are synthesizing K2C2O4, the source 


According to this:
"...Soluble salts that contain anions derived from weak acids form 
solutions that are basic..."
"...Soluble salts that contain cations derived from weak bases form 
solutions that are acidic..."

The anion in our context is C2O4(-2), comes from a relatively weak acid 
(not so weak, but definitely a lot weaker than say HCl...), and the 
cation is K(+1), and it comes from a pretty strong base. Therefore, to 
me, it seems that (pure) potassium oxalate solution (that results from a 
carefully balanced reaction) has higher chance of being basic. (Assuming 
the water content of the potassium carbonate was low...)



"...Basic salts are salts which are the product of the neutralization of 
a strong base and a weak acid..."

Anyway, that's nice I'm (trying) to learn something here - it's 
definitely not simple stuff...

I 100% agree that a the result of a simple test made with a simple pH 
test paper will be definitive.

Best regards,

05.08.2010 23:28, EJ Photo yazmış:
> Well, the best way I know is to measure it. The figures on the web, may not
> be the ones in your possession. For this solution pH paper test indicators
> will be fine. broad range will work.

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