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Paul Viapiano viapiano at pacbell.net
Thu Aug 5 22:56:33 GMT 2010

When I make PO, I follow Kerik's advice to get it slightly acid around pH 6, 
and test with litmus strips.

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Well, the best way I know is to measure it. The figures on the web, may not
be the ones in your possession. For this solution pH paper test indicators
will be fine. broad range will work.

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Hi Eric, I don't know how to calculate this (anyone willing to explain?),
but all the web sources state something around 8... I had looked that up

K2C2O4 + H2O -> ??? (I know C2O4 = -2 and K = +1...)


On 05.Ağu.2010, at 17:44, EJ Photo wrote:

> Loris, My measurements of store bought potassium oxalate is much closer to
> if I recall, but that was many years back. Are you mixing that with
> distilled water? Different makers may give you different pH ranges. The
> Aesar book at my fingers does not give me a pH of a solution.
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